Has your divorce left you feeling destined to live a miserable and lonely life? This video shows you how to stop hurting and start living.
Struggling to move past the pain of divorce I’ve made this video for you, watch it here.
Tired of being victimized by your divorce? Learn how to break free. Don’t miss out!
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Beyond Betrayal Video 1: Getting to the heart of the matter.
Beyond Betrayal Video 2: The Beyond Betrayal System will change your life.
Beyond Betrayal Video 3: Three steps to a brighter future.

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About Dr. John Ziehr

Life is too short to live with a broken heart.

My passion is to guide people into a life of overflowing abundance.

  • FREE… from Isolation
  • FREE… to be Happy
  • FREE… from Emotional Pain
  • FREE… to Love
  • FREE… to Receive Love
  • FREE… to Connect
  • FREE… from Stress
  • FREE… to Enjoy Life
  • FREE… from Self-Sabotage
  • FREE… from Guilt & Shame
  • FREE… to Fully Express Yourself
  • FREE… from Anger & Bitterness
  • FREE… to be Successful
  • FREE… from Inner Conflict

My experience as a pharmacist, chiropractor, pastor, pastoral counselor and an energy healer gives me a unique perspective as well as a diverse set of tools. I received my bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin in 1978; I earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1985 and my Master of Divinity from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburg, Indiana in 2000. In addition, I am an ordained minister with over 15 years of pastoral counseling experience. I am Certified in Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), The Emotion Code and the Body Code.

I have combined my thirty years of experience as a healer and twenty years as a pastor/pastoral counselor with a revolutionary new approach developed by Dr. Bradly Nelson to create the Beyond Betrayal System. Using this completely new approach we can effortlessly remove the interferences (blocks) so you can stop hurting and start living.  Life is too short to live with a broken heart.


Beyond Betrayal System Developer

Dr. John Ziehr



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